Evan Mathis

Jul 272014
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Whether you are training to compete in CrossFit, climb a mountain, or just be healthier and more fit here are 3 lessons we can take from the Games.

This past weekend was probably the most exciting Games so far. If you were able to watch it you got to see some great athletes compete in some grueling WODs. You can watch replays online if you missed it.

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Fittest Woman 2014 – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Fittest Man 2014 – Rich Froning


1a) Back Squat 1×8@65%, 1×8@70%, 1×6@80%, 1×6@85%
1b) Max Effort HS Hold OR Strict HSPU – 4 sets


20 thrusters (95#/63#)
30 knees to elbows
40 double unders
30 kettlebell swings (50#/30#)
20 ring push-ups
10 burpees


Jul 252014

If you haven’t already been watching, check out the CrossFit Games on ESPN tonight! It’s the end of Day 2 of competition and the events have been very fun to watch so far.

Call your buddy, we have a partner WOD tomorrow!

WOD – With a partner, one person working at a time.

25:00 AMRAP
30 Clean & Jerk (135/93)
40 DB Step Ups
50 Burpee Pull Ups

Jul 242014

While we are all trying  get stronger, faster, and just plain better at CrossFit or any other goal we have set for ourselves we do need to make sure we are making SMART progress. This article breaks down very well how to go about making quality progress to our health and fitness while training CrossFit. Good technique always trumps the time on the clock (unless you are fighting for first place in the Games), but if you notice the guys and gals at the elite level rarely have poor technique. This is because proper technique is the most efficient way to get any task done.

Take a look and try to apply these tips to your daily training when necessary.

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400m run
then, in any order:
50 pull-ups (sub: 50 ring rows or 50 inverted rows)
75 goblet squats
100 KB snatches (50#/35#) or DB snatches (45#/30#)
then, 500m row

Jul 232014

Here is a link to some smoothie recipes and some tips on what to include in smoothies to make sure they are helping you fuel and recover from WODs.

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Strength: Snatch Complex
Every :90 for 8 rounds – Hang Snatch + Snatch (70-80%)

Death by thrusters (95#/63#)

Jul 222014

The third, and final, chapter of the expressions of strength series is about Strength Endurance. You might see the obvious ties to CrossFit here. Most people see the word “endurance” and think running or rowing. Here we are talking about exerting force on an object across time. Which happens to be called “work capacity”, which is exactly CrossFit’s definition of FITNESS!

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1a) Front Squat 1×5@60%, 1×5@65%, 2×5@70%
1b) Tempo Pull Ups 4xME (quick up, 3 count hold with chin over bar, 3 count descent)

Kettlebell swings (50#/35#)
Hand release push-ups