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Oct 232014
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Good read.


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Everyone enjoyed the burpees I added to today’s WOD…I think.


For time:
30 back squats (your bodyweight)
1000m row

Oct 222014

Do you have a friend that you think would like or could benefit from CrossFit? Invite them in! Here’s an article about how CrossFit can and is for ANYONE looking to improve their fitness.

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It’s fun to workout with friends!

1a) Push Press 7×2
1b) 7×0:20 L-Hang Hold

4 rounds for time
11 dumbbell clean and jerks Rx (35#/20#), Rx+(45#/30#)
11 knees-to-elbows


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Oct 212014

Photo shoot tomorrow (10/22) at the 7:30AM class.

500m row,
Then in any order:

50 pull-ups
60 wall balls (20#/14#)
70 KB snatches (50#/35#) or DB snatches (45#/30#)

then, row 500m


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Oct 202014
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The holiday season is upon us. Here is an article to help keep your fitness goals on track.

 photo candy_zpsde96d673.jpg
Stay away!! Think of how many burpees it takes to burn this off!

1a) Deadlift 7×2 (heavier)
1b) 7×2 Strict HSPU + 0:20 HS Hold (Add deficit if possible)

AMRAP in 10 minutes
5 power cleans (95#/63#)
5 front squats
5 push jerks
200m row

Oct 192014
It’s important to be able to measure your fitness and your progress. There are tons of tests you can use to gauge this, here is one that is really simple.

 photo Fitness-test-001_zps86087336.jpg
…and a not so easy way to test your fitness…

Also, don’t forget about the photo shoot for the website happening Wednesday @ 7:30AM. Please try to wear solid colors.

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Snatch 3-3-3-3-3
MAX EFFORT Snatch @ 70%
3 rounds for time
21 kettlebell swings (50#/35#)
15 knees-to-elbows
9 handstand push-ups