Evan Mathis

Sep 222014

Want bigger strength gains? Then stand up faster! Here’s an article that teaches you how.

http://breakingmuscle.com/strength-conditioning/compensatory-acceleration-training-speed-up-your-strength-gainsphoto (2)
ast week’s goblet sqaut, sit up, rope climb WOD. 7 PMer’s.


1a) Deadlift 5×5 (heavier)
1b) Wall Walks 5×5

8 Min AMRAP:
10 OHS (95/65)
10 K2E
15 DU

Sep 212014

It happened again…your cheat day got a little out of control. It started with just a slice of pizza or a side of fries. Then before you know it, the box/bag/carton of whatever sweet or salty treat you had is gone! And to top it off, you feel like crap. But it felt so good while you were chowing down, right?

Here’s an article with some tips on how NOT to feel like crap during or after a cheat day. In my opinion, it’s all about control. The author talks about eating a forkful of sauerkraut before chowing down that large pizza to help with digestion. I don’t think I’ll take it that far. But maybe working out fasted to deplete muscle glycogen then refuel with a double bacon cheese burger? Sounds good to me! Just don’t think you do this regularly…that won’t end well.

 photo shutterstock_36440653_zpsbfce0f75.jpg


Snatch Balance – Work to a heavy single. Then 3×1 @ 75%

7 Thruster (95/65)
7 C2B Pull Ups
12 KBS

Sep 182014

Last week I posted an article about coffee naps. Just to refresh your memory…the theory is if you drink a cup of coffee or a shot of espresso then take a 15-20 minute nap you will feel greater effects than just drinking the coffee or just taking a nap. Well after reading the article then hearing others talk about it as well I decided I would give this a try.

The results…inconclusive. For now. Honestly I’ve only tried this once so far. Was I alert when I got up from my “nap”? Yep! Was I MORE alert than just taking a nap. Yeah, I’d say so. Was I MORE alert than just chugging some coffee? Can’t tell.

I drank the coffee pretty fast, turned off the tv and closed my eyes for 20 minutes. I never really fell asleep, but I did drift around in limbo for a little bit. While I was napping, I felt like I could tell the caffeine was kicking in. I’ll give it another shot and see if I can get better results.

Try it out and see what you think!

(I know some of you can poke holes in my scientific method used here. Don’t worry I will gather more data.)

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5 rounds for time
7 front squats (75% of your body weight, or 50% of your 1RM)
10 kettlebell swings (70#/50#) (go heavy)

Sep 172014

Even though it was written by a Florida fan (yuck), this is a good article with some examples of when you use that functional fitness we are always talking about and training in the gym. Think about your day to day physical activities and how your training has improved those. Is there anything you need to perform in your daily lives that could be easier? Train for it!


photo (1)

Katie working on her back squat.

5×3 Hang Squat Clean
*work to 3 RM

4 rounds for time
21 kettlebell swings (50#/25#)
15 hand release push-ups
9 toes-to-bar

Sep 162014

Hey everybody, quick note about the new sign up process. Please do not sign up for multiple classes in the same day. Sign up for the class you will be attending or most likely to be attending. If you sign up for multiple classes you are taking other people’s spots for that class.

Thank You.


1a) Strict Press 5×5
1b) Superman Hold 5×0:30

4 rounds for time
11 goblet squats
11 plate sit-ups
1 rope climb (sub: 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups or 7 ring rows)