Evan Mathis

Nov 202014

Many of you have asked me about shoes. Specifically weightlifting shoes. Here is a rundown of SOME of the shoes out there. There are more from companies like Nike, Adidas, Position, etc. Most weightlifting shoes are designed for just that, weightlifting. They put your foot and body in a better position during Clean and Jerks, Snatches, Squats. Some are comfortable and light enough to crossover into CrossFit style WODs.



 photo dowin-5_zpseec71e89.jpg

For time:
20 one-arm kettlebell swings (50#/35#) (10 each arm)
20 hand release push-ups
20 DB clean and jerk (45#/30#) or KB clean and jerk (10 each arm)
20 pull-ups
20 DB snatch or KB snatch (10 each arm)
20 abmat sit-ups
20 DB thrusters or KB thrusters (left arm)
20 double unders
20 DB thrusters or KB thrusters (right arm)

Nov 202014

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Ab City I’m lookin’ at you! Everyone should add some static holds to their training!


Front Squat 5×5

5 rounds for time
6 cleans (135#/93#)
6 ring dips
12 burpees

Nov 182014

Check out this explanation and video of the snatch balance.

 photo Valentin115_zpsd13ddd1e.jpg

5 rounds of the following complex:
1 snatch balance
3 overhead squats

Increase the weight each round.

3 rounds for time
10 overhead squats (95#/63#)
20 knees-to-elbows
30 double unders

Nov 172014
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Get those GAINZ!!

 photo images_zpsf85d5654.jpg


Push Jerk 3×5 – find 5 RM
Then, 1 set MAX EFFORT at 80%

AMRAP in 12 minutes
5 thrusters (95#/63#)
10 kettlebell swings (50#/35#)
15 push ups

Nov 162014

Just in case you didn’t hear about this. Ilya Ilyin set a world record clean & jerk this weekend. He lifted 242kg (533.5 lbs) to win the competition in his weight class and stay undefeated in international competition.

Watch all of the views on this link. That is speed and power!

 photo ilya-ilyin-almaty-240_sm_zps00ddcc70.jpg


10 minutes to find a 3 rep deadlift
*this shouldn’t be an absolute 3 rep max, just something heavy with perfect form.

EMOM 12 Mins:
3 Deadlift (225/135) or 70-75% of today’s 3 rep
5 Strict Pull Ups

*Total work should not exceed 0:40 each minute. Scale appropriately.