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06.26.14 – Epic Pancakes

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Jun 262014

I thought these looked pretty epic and definitely worth a try.

Hang power snatch into hang snatch into snatch

AMRAP in 10 minutes
15 overhead squats (95#/63#)
10 knees to elbows
5 handstand push-ups
Jun 252014

Dmitry Klokov strict pressing a huge amount. Im not sure what the grey plates on the sides are but its easily over 140kg(308lbs)

Press 5×5

4 rounds for time
21 kettlebell swings
15 wall balls
1 rope climb OR 9 pull-ups
Jun 242014
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Some interesting points on a very controversial subject, Rounded Back Deadlifts. Check it!


3 rounds for time
1 fence run
10 overhead squats (95#/63#)
10 toes-to-bar
Jun 232014

Here is another highlight from the Pan-Ams where Ian Wilson cleans 212kg(466lbs) but missed the jerk. This lift would have given him the gold medal total if he made the jerk. Still impressive either way!


AMRAP in 10 minutes
7 dumbbell jerks (35#/25#)
10 knees-to-elbows
13 kettlebell swings
16 double unders
Jun 222014


Hey Everyone! I’m very pleased to announced that we have found a new Head Trainer to take over Crossfit Sunnyvale. His name is Evan Mathis and he comes from Georgia. He was the Crossfit Director for Crossfit AGX and both Stephanie and I have had the opportunity to talk to him a number of times now and we think he will be an excellent fit for Crossfit Sunnyvale. He arrives this week and will begin training as of tomorrow Monday night! He is very passionate about Crossfit and helping people achieve their goals. Evan will take over the Monday/Wednesday 6/7pm evening classes as well as all Head Trainer duties. I hope you can all give him a warm welcome when you see him in class.

On a quick side note, this may be one of my last blog posts (Coach Devin), so I wanted to take one last moment to say goodbye just in case. I hope everyone keeps hittin’ it hard in the gym and trains safe and smart. If you are ever near Crossfit Los Gatos or Crossfit San Jose stop in and say hi! Have a great Sunday!