Jul 242014

While we are all trying  get stronger, faster, and just plain better at CrossFit or any other goal we have set for ourselves we do need to make sure we are making SMART progress. This article breaks down very well how to go about making quality progress to our health and fitness while training CrossFit. Good technique always trumps the time on the clock (unless you are fighting for first place in the Games), but if you notice the guys and gals at the elite level rarely have poor technique. This is because proper technique is the most efficient way to get any task done.

Take a look and try to apply these tips to your daily training when necessary.

 photo TGUHorizontal-copy-copy-1024x819_zpsfca6f991.jpg


400m run
then, in any order:
50 pull-ups (sub: 50 ring rows or 50 inverted rows)
75 goblet squats
100 KB snatches (50#/35#) or DB snatches (45#/30#)
then, 500m row

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