Jan 222014

Its a double day today folks so make sure you eat well and sufficiently and come ready to work hard!

Here is a sweet video of Ruslan Albegov clean and  jerking 250kg(550lbs!). There is a slow motion shot from different angles as well as a bar path at the end of the video to give you some good material to analyze. Study videos like this really help to learn the Olympic lifts that much faster. I am a big advocate of watching videos to aid in the learning process. Enjoy.

WOD 1:
power cleans
ring dips
12 min time cap

rest 5-10 min (until entire class is read)

WOD 2:
8 min AMRAP
x10 deadlifts (same BB as cleans, should be very light)
x10 box jumps
x10 plate sit ups

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