Dec 172013
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I have some news regarding CF Sunnyvale coach Mariah. Unfortunately due to her most recent class schedule she will be unable to teach Tuesday evenings. Please join her for the last class which she will be teaching on Wednesday the 18th of this week. It will be your chance to say goodbye and get in one last butt kicking with one of your favorite coaches.


With Mariah leaving Tuesday evenings we will be having Kami, one of the newest trainers who teaches Sunday Basics, will be taking over for Tuesday 6/7pm. We are excited to give Kami these classes because he has proven to be a great trainer thus far and we are very confident he will continue to bring great training to CF Sunnyvale.

If anyone has any questions regarding the class change please feel free to contact me via email.

Squat Clean 1RM

It has been a long time since we last maxed out the clean. Get pumped up and ready to PR!

10 min time cap
Push Press (95/63)
Pull Up

Try to get as far into the ladder as possible. If you finish before the time cap then score for time.

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