Nov 142013

Ever wondered where your toes should be pointed while you squat? Here is a nicely written article addressing the toes forward or toes out argument.

Kelly Starrett is a huge advocate for toes forward.

John North pictured here is one of the best current American weightlifters and has a toes out stance with his squat.

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Back Squat 5×3 @ 85-90% 1RM
or 95-100% of current 3RM

Team’s Of 3
3 rounds of
600m row (200m per person)
x45 push ups w/ release (15 reps per person)
x3 farmer carry (around fitness area) (x1 carry per person)

1 person works at a time (scale up: 1 teammate holds a plank while 1 rests and the other is working)

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  1. Did my morning client then on to my own WOD: this cycle brings in the crossfit wam up as standard, so 3 rounds Samson stretch, overhead squat (10kg bar) GHD sit ups/back raises ( 10/10) pull ups (10)… ( dips left out as in the wod).

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