Oct 122013

Hey everyone don’t forget about our Crossfit Basics class that is on 9am on Sundays. If you have a friend at PG that is thinking about getting into Crossfit but is still on the fringe then this is a great class to bring them to as it does not require Crossfit Fundamentals to take the class. In Crossfit Basics the movements are very simple and easy to perform and help to give a non Crossfitter great exposure to the type of high intensity workouts that we do in the regular program. Plus if you or your friend doesn’t want to make the full commitment to Crossfit but still enjoy the class you can take it as many times as you want! So tell your friends or just bring them on down!

Here is the agenda for this Sunday.

Front Squat 5×5

x50 KB Swingsx40 Sit Ups
x30 Burpees
x20 Box Jumps
x10 Pull Ups
x20 Box Jumps
x30 Burpees
x40 Sit Ups
x50 KB Swings

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