Sep 182013

I don’t want to sound like an ad but here is a sweet video recently put out by Chipotle called The Scarecrow (more of a short film really for advertising). Chipotle is a great place to find wholesome ingredients used in the food they make. If like to stay true to your Paleo guns then they have options like the salad bowl which will allow you to craft a great meal while still staying within the Paleo guidelines. I personally enjoy a salad bowl with onions and peppers (no beans) double chicken, guacamole and more lettuce to top it off. If you aren’t too worried about being strict Paleo then adding rice to the mix is a great way to up the carb intake, which is definitely desirable if you have a training day the next day. Even a good ol’ fashion burrito can be a great meal if you keep it simple and just get rice, chicken, and guacamole. The burrito is another go to for myself, if I have had a rough training day or I know I will be going into a hard training day. Just remember that Paleo is great but you have to eat to perform as well and in that case carbs is where its at. This is only my personally opinion based purely off of my eating experiences in regards to my training. Enjoy the video!

Kipping Pull Up or Kipping T2B/K2E Review and Practice

4 rounds of:
400 m run
15 C&J 95/65
Rest 3 min between each round

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