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Box jumps


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Strength Focus

*Today we reset all of our worksets by 10%.

Back Squat 3×5 (10% less than last workout)

Press 3×5 (10% less than last workout)

Pull ups 3 x max reps (add weight if >10 reps)

What is the Strength Focus program about?

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  7 Responses to “Monday 01.03.11”

  1. BS 3×5 @ 155#
    SP 3×5 @ 125#
    Pull Ups 3×7

  2. Couldn’t get up early enough this morning. Came in at lunch.

    Press: ended up doing 3×5 @ 58#
    Metcon: 5:41 big box

  3. Jesse, TTB and I love those recipes. We have the two cookbooks and Robb Wolfs book. It is actually a very stimulating read. We were doing loose paleo in December and have decided to go strict as of January.

    Im following a few friends CF gyms and most of them have NY paleo challenges. Here is a link that was posted on one of their sites today about eating out paloe: http://feastingonfitness.blogspot.com/2010/03/paleo-out-on-town.html

    Press: 75, 75, 75×2 failed 3rd attempt.
    Metcon: don’t remember time but did ring rows since I tore the heck out of my hands doing Murph yesterday. Used a medium box with a 25lb plate on top.

    Press 155-155-155
    Metcon: 5: something with big box

  4. Press: 100-100-100
    Metcon: 5:24

    Tried 105, but could only get 1 rep. Funny how that extra 5 lbs makes or breaks it.

  5. Press: 115-115-115
    Metcon: 2:55

    In other news, I received a copy of the Paleo Diet Cookbook for Christmas (published by the author of the original Paleo Diet and Paleo Diet for Athletes), and based on the three recipes that we’ve made so far I highly recommend it. It also contains some updates to the original Paleo Diet (the big ones are that canola oil and potatoes are completely off the menu, no big loss IMO).

  6. Press: 3×95#
    Metcon: 11:08 (18″ box)

    Good to start getting back into the swing of things, although my body appears to thoroughly disagree for now.

  7. Press: tried to do 135×3, dropped it down to 125×3. I need to get into the gym and do more presses and bench presses.

    WOD: 3:37.

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