Jan 012011


With today being the first day of a new year, now is the time to establish your goals for the next year.  What do you want to acheive?  Set your goals, write them down, post them as a daily reminder, and share them with someone.


“The Murph”

Run 1 mile

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

Run 1 mile

Post your time to comments.

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  1. this year i will get a dead hang pull up! not sure what other goals i should set though, will have to contemplate.

    happy 2011, all!

  2. Goals for 2011:

    3 dead hang pull ups
    20 DUs in a row
    ..and to limit my sugar intake to only on special occassions!–a very difficult goal for me but something I’ve been wanting to accompish for a long time.

  3. Goals for 2011:
    Squat 160#
    Deadlift 200#
    Clean 125#
    10 dead hang pullups

    We should post these on a board at the gym :)

  4. Hau’oli Makahiki Ho! (Happy New Year from Hawaii)
    Tried Murph last new year and didn’t finish it, so I was pretty happy to finish it this year in under an hour (especially in the 80 degree Maui weather).
    My biggest fitness goal for the year to run marathon. Also getting under 2 hours for a half marathon would be awesome (best so far is 2:07). And I plan to continue Crossfit for crosstraining.

  5. Goals for this year:
    1. Squat 1.5 x body weight (~210lbs)
    2. Deadlift 2 x body weight (~280lbs)
    3. Nate as rx’ed (muscle ups…handstand push ups)
    4. Work on Olympic lifts

  6. Eric: 45:48 (FA)
    Erin: 54:30 (FA) pretty excited. Did all Kip pullups and pushups from toes which was my goal. Did my first run ata pretty fast 7.5mph pace. Fast for me.

    Goals 2011
    Eric: bench press 300, squat 400, deadlift 500, break 1:50 half marathon time
    Erin: straight pullup, stay on crossfit track consistently throughout the derby season, get more agile on the track, have killer arms in my wedding dress :) 6 months from Tuesday! Deadlift 250

  7. 39:33 with a 15# weight vest. A PR of over 4min with an extra 5# in the vest. Maybe next year I can do it Rx’d.

    Thanks to everybody coming out and having some New Years fun!!!

  8. 40:44. An improvement. Last Memorial Day, I did Murph in 45 minutes.

    Good workout, everybody. Today, there are not enough calories in the world. :)

    Goals? I was planning on having a 405 pound deadlift be my 2011 goal, but that plan got blown out of the water. I think this year, I want to be able to do King Kong. That’s my 2011 goal.

  9. Kicked my butt but came in under 1 hour which was my goal
    Good Murph crowd today. Good job everyone.

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