Feb 272010


Hi everybody!

Mark your calendars! CROSSFIT SOCIAL – Friday, March 12th!


Morning, Lunch, Evening Crossfitters, Instructors, etc.
Crossfit Social (aka Drinkfest)



111 S Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

When: Friday, March 12th at 6:30pm

Why:What a great way for the morning/lunch crowd to meet the evening crowd! Great way to meet new people,and even put a face to the names we see listed on the board! Or just an excuse to go get drunk and brag how we destroyed Fran.

Buy In: 5 head stand push ups, 10 burpees

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  3 Responses to “CrossFit Social”

  1. I hope someone else besides me does not like beer!…Give me the cocktail menu : )

  2. Bummer, I can’t make it. Will we see more of these in future?

  3. I hope to see everyone there! The buy in is either the 5 head stand push up, 10 burpees OR buy Ryan a drink bc its his bday on the 16th! ;)

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