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Thank you to all who posted your feedback and comments about the future of the Strength Focus program.  After considering the feedback, I have decided that the Strength Focus program will go on hiatus for a while and 6:30 classes will return to regular Workout of the Day programming.  This will be the last Strength Focus post for a while.  I have immensely enjoyed coaching these classes working with everyone that participated in this little experiment.  I was excited to take the program in new directions, so I am saddened that this will not happen at this time.  I understand, however, that many of you have divergent goals that you want to pursue.  Thank you again for participating and I am proud of the progress that everyone has made.

A few points that I want to address:

1) Heavy barbell lifts will continue to show up in the WOD, just not as freaquently of consistently.

2) Keep your notebooks going!  Please don’t stop recording your workouts.  I can give you more pages as needed.  This can provide a way for me to help you plan and train for your goals if you want.

3) The Strength Focus  program will likely show up again down the road.  I see it as being a useful cycle to make available periodically.  This was not my original intent, but this can be productive for anyone wanting to gain a little more strength.

4) Those interested in continuing regular and consitent strength work should definately do so.  This is the way that I train and any of you are welcome to show up early on Monday or Wednesday afternoon and train with me.  If you train on your own, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about lifting or programing.

Thank you again.  I’ll address more specific questions in the comments.

Today’s workout:

Deadlift 1×5

1 set of push ups for max reps, then

4 rounds for time of the following:
6 double kettlebell swings
6 high box jumps
12 KTE

then 1 more set of push ups or max reps

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  8 Responses to “Strength Focus”

  1. to kyle–your post was great! ..loved your poetic and philosophic take on strength training ;)
    …you are fun to have in class.

  2. I’d like to suggest to folks that you be a little cautious as you branch back into your other lifts. Everything is going to feel very light, but you may be missing some of the stabilization strength specific to those lifts. I pulled a muscle in my trapezius yesterday on a split jerk, which felt easy, but looking back at the archives was about 20 pounds more than I’d ever done before. I’m sure part of it was general fatigue, but I wish I would have only jumped by 10 pounds.

  3. I, too, really enjoyed the strength focus and got a ton out of it. My bench went from 175 to 220, squat from 185 to 255, and deadlift from 260 to 345. I see the strength cycle as something I’d like to build into my routine periodically. I’m also really curious about incorporating more strength training into my regular Crossfit routine.
    Thanks for everything, Ryan, and I look forward to picking your brain in the coming months!

  4. Bench pressed 300 lbs for the first time in my life today with Ryan spotting me, felt truly awesome, as if I had completed something beyond mere pushing of cold dumb weight, and it seemed an appropriate way to end my life I mean Crossfit Strength Focus. I am driven to nostalgia now as I remember back when I was born I mean October; when Ryan first found me I was but a wee babe in a basket, mere skin and bones and a whole world of Can’t. But to him I was a lump of clay, a project to be molded and manipulated into lifting heavy weights and other hard sh** while wearing high socks and head bands and then forced to go eat chicken dipped in egg nog to qualify that lifting. Little did I know that Ryan was making me into a meat I mean man. Ryan taught me what it means to pursue physical strength at the expense of work, family, and basic bodily hygiene. As such, I think an apt parable to invoke is that Ryan was the shepherd that brought me the lost lamb that I lifted over my head everyday; as the lamb grew, so did I. And when I could not lift that lamb anymore, I ate it.

    With my life’s goal of bench pressing 300 lbs complete I have come full circle, and I find myself looking at the sunsets and feeling just like Bukowski said, that the days they run away like wild horses over the hills. I have now entered the twilight of my life; so long and Vaya Con Dios, Crossfit Sunnyvale Strength Focus Class. Until we meet again…

    *cue exit music- Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way”*

  5. Ryan,

    Thanks for programming and coaching the strength class. I saw solid gains and just as importantly, I have a better understanding of areas that need work. Hopefully, we’ll see the return of the strength focus classes in the near future.

  6. thanks ryan for all strength training classes and coaching. i made some real gains because of this. it’d be great to see it come back again, perhaps with some more variety. i really liked the power cleans we were doing the last week.
    i spent last weekend at yosemite…i climbed Royal Arches on Sat. and the south face of washington column (16 hours car-to-car)on sunday. i definitely noticed the payoff from crossfit training. thanks again.

  7. thanks, ryan. i’m sad i’m missing this week due to sicky sick!

  8. Thanks Ryan for the strength class.I really did enjoy this class!!! I would love to see it come back again.. really! (Haha, maybe my little tantrum worked Monday night.)

    and to Kyle- Go eat more chicken bc I can take you down. Gabe taught me some rugby moves. ;)

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