Dec 222009


Deadlift 1×5 (add 5-10 pounds)

Bench Press 3×5 (add 2-5 pounds)*

For Time
Row 500 m
20 DB Hang Power Snatch (10/side)
20 Kipping Pull Ups
16 DB Hang Power Snatch (8/side)
16 Kipping Pull ups
10 DB Hang Power Snatch (5/side)
10 Kipping Pull ups

*If Bench Press stalled in last weeks workout (you didn’t make 5 reps for 3 sets across) then try the same weight again this week.  Remember to rest 5-7 minutes between rounds.

For the conditioning workout, pick a DB weight that is heavy enough to be challenging, but allows completion in 10 minutes or less.

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